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2019 - 2020

Handford Hall Virtual Sports Week


There is nothing that can dampen the spirits of our Handford Hall community.  So despite still social distancing, we can announce the opening of our virtual sports week.  Everything you need to know can be accessed from the icon below. But keep watching the web site for sports'news flashes that will keep us in communication despite social distancing.


Good luck to all Houses: Bannister, Redgrave, Pendleton, Radcliffe

A Chance to Increase Your Point Score


Within the sporting icon, there is a further range of extra cross curricular activities.  Any completed, send in to your class email where your fantastic work will be awarded points for your House.


Good luck - have fun!

The Winners - Bannister!


After much battling throughout the week, the House Cup 2019/20 has been won by Bannister.

The final placings looked as follows:






Well done to all our Handford Hall athletes.  Have a fantastic summer.


Somewhere on our school website, I have hidden the House Cup;  it could be anywhere in our class pages: any class, any subject, any week!  It is your challenge to find it.


From 13th July, I will be hiding the cup in two places - one in EYFS and KS1 and one in KS2


As soon as you find it, email me at: telling me where you found it, your name, your class and your House team.


The first person who emails me will be awarded 20 points for their house team.  


The House cup will be re-hidden daily at 9 a.m. so make sure you go onto the school website early or someone else will beat you to the points!  THE CUP HAS HAD ITS FINAL HIDE TODAY 


Remember - points mean prizes!!

Winners of Scavenger Hunt 


09.07  - Radcliffe 20 (Mrs Larkins) /  Redgrave 10  ( Omi 6H) 

10.07  - Bannister 20 (Lucy and Sophie 6H)  / Bannister (Alfie 2B) 10 

13.07  - Pendleton 20 (Sophie 2B) / Bannister (Alfie 2B) 10 

14.07 - Bannister / Bannister

15.07 - Radcliffe / Bannister (KS1)   

Handford Hall Primary School - Induction 2020