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Our Ethos and Values

Our Mission Statement




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Handford Hall Primary School is located at the centre of a diverse and vibrant community. It is a caring and welcoming community, committed to creating the best possible educational experience for every child. Our aim is to ensure all children reach their full potential in the most exciting and enjoyable way possible.


We have a caring, talented, dedicated team of staff, who strive to ensure that the abilities of our children, whatever they maybe, are nurtured and developed. We aim to do this by providing a broad, well balanced and relevant curriculum. We promote positive behaviour and emphasise a respect for others at all times.


We value each and every child and have the highest possible expectations in their social and academic achievement. Handford Hall provides a stimulating and enriched environment so that the children can enjoy all aspects of their learning.


We can only achieve these aims if we work in partnership with parents and carers. Please remember if you have any queries or concerns regarding your child's progress or welfare we are here to help.


Together we learn! Together we achieve!


Our Curriculum


We are committed to ensuring that every pupil leaves our school with high aspirations, an enduring enthusiasm for learning and the confidence to address the world on their own terms.


  • We teach key skills and knowledge that leads to understanding and develops pupils’ confidence to succeed.
  • We are committed to providing a caring, happy, welcoming environment that meets the needs of each child and ensures that all children have equal access to a broad and balanced curriculum including interaction with, and appreciation of, the arts and many opportunities for wider enrichment.
  • We develop in children a desire for life-long learning and an understanding of different cultures, traditions and societies as well as to respect individual rights and responsibilities.
  • Our learning community is facilitated by a leadership structure that clearly communicates our core purpose and direction, and a system of informed continuous professional development. Our professional staff team actively seek to take up opportunities to further their own knowledge and skills to the benefit of our schools.
  • We are committed to inclusion, believing that every child has the right to succeed. We take ownership of the responsibility to ensure that any barriers to learning are overcome and that all children experience success in contexts that are highly relevant for them.
  • Our parents and community are key partners and we are committed to working together to sustain a strong sense of community, promote educational achievement, raise children’s self-esteem and engender a sense of pride in our schools and communities.


Our approach to the curriculum is to provide the highest quality provision, tailoring it to the pupils’ diverse needs and utilising the skills of all our staff, to inspire all our pupils and provide them with the variety of learning opportunities to help them achieve their full potential.  Our curriculum design takes into account school characteristics (High EAL, HIGH SEND), low entry points, high mobility to ensure accelerated progress for all pupils.


Handford Hall Curriculum values:

  • prepare pupils to lead fulfilling lives
  • prepare pupils to play an active, positive and productive role in our democratic society
  • pupils must become adept at working both individually and collaboratively.